8 Things To Do in Nusa Penida

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November 7, 2022

Nusa Penida is one of the main highlights of Bali. Due to locations like Kelingking Beach and Angel’s Billabong tourism on Nusa Penida has taken a huge step up. Go on a Nusa Penida Day Tour from Bali or explore the entire island in a 3-day Nusa Penida Trip. These are the 19 Things To Do Nusa Penida.

1. Diamond Beach

Opposite Atuh Beach cliff is the most picturesque beach in the world: Diamond Beach on Nusa Penida. The viewpoint is the best place to see Diamond Beach. However, via the newly (2018) made stair you can now also visit the beach. Taking a swim at this beach is not recommended due to its currents.

2. Swim at Atuh Beach

On the eastern tip of Penida island are probably the two most beautiful beaches in the whole of Bali. Atuh is a small beach a bit hidden away because of the two high cliffs on both sides. A small walk 10-minute down the stairs is required to reach the beach.

3. Teletubbies Hill

A good place to watch the sunset in the area is at the so-called ‘Teletubbies Hill’. Countless soft-rounded, grass hills are what gave it this name.

4. Kelingking, the T-Rex

Kelingking viewpoint and Kelingking beach are what made Nusa Penida popular. You can climb all the way down from the top viewpoint to the beach, which might be the most difficult beach to reach in Bali. Getting to the beach takes about 40 minutes.

5. Tembeling Natural Pool

Tembeling is one of the best-kept secrets on Penida and one of our favorite things to do on Nusa Penida. The sweet water pool, hidden away in the jungle is a beautiful blue watered gem.

6. Tembeling Beach

Just a 5-minute walk from the natural pool is a white-sand beach where you can relax for a few hours. Don’t forget to have a look at the secret beach on the other side of the cove.

7. Thousand Islands Viewpoint

Overlooking the whole east coast of Nusa Penida is the best from the Thousand Islands Viewpoint. Located on the same point as the treehouse. The view on the 200-meter high cliffs and white-sand beaches are just one to take in for a moment.

8. Peguyanan Waterfall

On the South East cliffs of Nusa Penida, there is a hike where you can’t be afraid of heights. The walk is a 150-meter iron blue stairs, which takes you to the bottom of the cliff and shows you the most scenic areas. At the foot, there are a temple and a small waterfall with fresh water. But the views from the hike are way more spectacular.

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