Avoiding Gastro while on Holiday

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March 28, 2023
Street food is great but can be a source of gastro.

Gastrointestinal infections are a common occurrence in developing countries and can be due to poor sanitation and contaminated food and water. Such infections can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, and dehydration, which can be dangerous if not treated promptly. Here are some tips to avoid gastro and stay healthy while traveling in a developing country:

Drink Safe Water: Ensure that you drink clean water by either boiling it or using a water purifier. Avoid drinking tap water, as it may be contaminated with bacteria and viruses that can cause gastro.

Eat Cooked Food: Eating cooked food can reduce the risk of contracting gastro as it kills bacteria and viruses. Avoid raw and uncooked food, including salads and fruits that have not been washed thoroughly.

Be Careful with Street Food: Street food is a favorite of many travellers, but it can be a significant source of gastro infections. Ensure that you eat from street vendors with clean cooking and serving facilities. Avoid food that has been sitting out for a long time.

Wash Your Hands: Hand washing is essential in preventing gastro infections. Always wash your hands with soap and clean water before eating or preparing food and after using the bathroom.

Carry Hand Sanitizer: When clean water is not available, use hand sanitizer to kill bacteria and viruses that may be present on your hands.

Avoid Ice and Unpasteurized Dairy Products: Ice may be made from contaminated water, and unpasteurized dairy products may contain harmful bacteria that can cause gastro. Most Bali restaurants and bars serve clean ice.

Be Prepared: Always carry oral rehydration salts and anti-diarrheal medication with you in case of an emergency.

While gastro infections are common in developing countries, there are several ways to avoid them. By following these tips, you can minimize the risk of contracting gastro and enjoy your travels without any health concerns. Of course seek medical advice in Bali from Nusa Medica if symptoms persist or your condition deteriorates.



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