Everything you need to know about Nusa Medica Clinic

The following documents:

  • Health insurance card.
  • Current list of medications being taken, including dosage
  • Personal ID (identity card, passport or residence permit)

Please note that a deposit may be required for treating emergency patients from abroad.

Yes. Our clinic doctor & nurse can visit you at your accommodation & conduct a consultation & make recommendations for your care. The doctor can order diagnostic tests and prescribe medications that can be delivered to you.

If your medical condition(illness or injury) requires higher level medical care than what is available at Nusa Medica Clinic, our doctor may recommend that the patient be transferred to a hospital in Bali. Our clinic administration staff will assist you to call your insurance or provide you with details on how a medical transfer (medivac) can be arranged. A safe medical transfer takes planning & some time to organize as it requires medical escort staff, ambulance transport to & from the port, arrangements for safe sea transfer & arrangements for a suitable hospital admission under an appropriate specialist.This all needs to be done in the safest possible way ensuring that the patient is safely monitored during transport & all possible medical & safety contingencies are covered. In the case of a stable patient transfer, the doctors or nurses from Nusa Medica Clinic may be the transfer medical team.However critical unstable patient transfers may be conducted by a specialist team. Helicopter transfers can be arranged however can only fly during daylight hours and can be costly.A quote for a medical evacuation or transfer from Nusa Penida will be discussed with you prior to evacuation and may be guaranteed by an insurance company or paid in cash or credit card.

No. As a rule, we treat every patient, but please keep in mind that the emergency department is for emergency cases only.

Our administration staff will help you contact your insurance company and inquire if a guarantee of payment can be sent or accepted by Nusa Medica Clinic. In some cases the insurance company will ask the patient to ‘pay and claim’. Our administration staff will provide you with a copy of the medical report and a copy of the clinic invoice in order for you to submit for reimbursement.Our administration staff will assist in whatever way possible.

In principle, patients staying in the emergency department or under observation for several hours receive refreshments from the clinic staff. Please ask the nursing staff if you may consume any food or beverages you bring with you.