Our Treatment on Scooter Accident with Big Wounds.

Nusa Medica Clinic 24 Hours Clinic in Nusa Penida
November 7, 2022

Very good place! Came after a scooter accident with big wounds, scratches all over my leg and needed stitches at three different places around my knee. The whole team was really helping, the nurses are super nice and try to make you feel comfortable and take care.

Seemed like a clean place and very professional – They used steril gloves etc and gave me Antibiotics, Tetanus Vaccination, Painkillers and explained all the things they used before doing anything. The doctors and nurses are speaking English very well.

Other doctors at other follow up appointments said that the stitches were made really good, so I would definitely go there again when having an issue on Nusa.
The prices are higher than in other medical places on Bali, but if you have an insurance that should not be the problem.

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